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Surveillance & Privacy Publication at Library Journal

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My collection development article, Careful, You’re Being Watched: Surveillance & Privacy, has just been published at Library Journal.

The print edition is out in August and will feature more information and resources.

Please click on over to read this version and subscribe to Library Journal or head on over to your local library to peruse the print.

Thank you for reading.


Social Media Data Collection and Sharing

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I drew together a short reference document called, Social Media Advertisement/Data Collection & Sharing Reference, in which I pulled links to advertising, data collection and data sharing statements from manor and minor OSNs (Online Social Networks). The intent, as I write in the document, is “… to be a reference with annotations and links to major and minor OSNs (Online Social Networks). It brings together, with minimum summary, published information from each OSN’s statements on advertising structure, terms of service/use and privacy policies…”

Please DOWNLOAD the document, Social Media Advertisement/Data Collection & Sharing Reference here.

I created it under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. This means it can be used in many ways as long as proper attribution is given for any derivative works that are made from it.

Thank you for reading and for your interest.

Jesse L.