CarpentryConnect UK (2019)

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For those who may be new to ‘The Carpentries’ – let me introduce you. I first joined a Library of Congress sponsored Library Carpentry event designed to teach interested folks the intro to ways of manipulating data with Python and OpenRefine.

Screenshot from LC’s website (accessed 15 January 2019)

Library Carpentry is a subset of the larger educational entity, The Carpentries.

Screenshot from The Carpentries website (accessed 15 January 2019)

Well, it looks like an organization in the UK, the Sustainable Software Institute is organizing the ‘first European CarpentryConnect event in Manchester‘ in June (25-27 June 2019). This will be a networking as well as technical learning event it appears.

Screenshot from the Software Sustainability Institute (accessed 15 January 2019)

I wish I could go – but the American Library Association Annual conference is too close there – schedule-wise.

Maybe next time. Either way, this should be good. If you plan to be in Manchester in June this year (2019), and love the educational, open-educational model for learning to code, please consider attending or supporting in some way.


Future of #Computing is actually “Personal”

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I just saw this article, written by Muneeb Ali, about the future of computing, computers, and how people use their “personal” computers to manipulate their information themselves: He says users own their data and cloud computing becomes storage instead of “mainframes.”

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(image captured from Ali Muneeb’s posting – accessed 16 August 2017)

Seriously worth a read. Thank you Ali Muneeb.