My name is Jesse Lambertson and I live on this spinning planet called Earth with you my fellow readers. I like to read, tinker with computers, and ride my bicycle. Right now, I live in Indianapolis, IN. Occasionally, I like to share my observations about theology, technology, the Bible, culture, and library-related topics (Disclaimer: All my opinions are all my own, not my employer’s). I make no promises about the ratio of topic-to-topic. But between this site and GAB, many subjects will be touched.

The site title, Phantom Landscapes, connects the grasping for ideas that are in the future or the past, intangible abstractions we all know exist. To be less abstract, I humbly submit to the creator of the universe, the Lord Jesus Christ, and take captive every idea and notion that might draw me away from God. I like to draw connections between all these things because every major question is theological.

Life is hard, sure. But my hope is that my efforts on this site will point to the Lord Jesus and give glory to God. Thank you for reading.

I can be reached via e-mail: jessel [@] phantomlandscapes.com

* This photo comes from a filter on my web camera.