My name’s Jesse A. Lambertson and I live here on this spinning planet called Earth with you my fellow readers. I like to read, visit libraries and ride my bicycle (sometimes a little scary on the road). I ride all around wherever I happen to live.  Right now, I live in Chicago. Occasionally, I like to share my observations about culture, cycling and libraries (none of my comments or observations have anything to do with any opinions or statements of my employers’. They are all my own). I also believe in writing and support books and publishing. I make no promises about the ratio of topic-to-topic. But between this site, LibraryThing, and my nascent Parler account, many topics and bookish notions will be touched.

The rationale for my site title connects issues such as grasping for things that are in the future or the past, those intangible abstractions we all know somehow exist and features in the world to which we must adapt because we don’t control them. See the picture of that big beach with little ole’ me standing in the wind? It’s beautiful. But the forces in action on beaches are quite powerful. I would say sublime. Know what I mean? 🙂

Life is good – thanks be to God though my Lord Jesus Christ. Life is hard sometimes, but it’s good.

Thank you for reading.

I can be reached via e-mail: jessel [@] phantomlandscapes.com

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