Heidelberg Catechism 13

I am copying and linking to Lord’s Day 13 of the Heidelberg Catechism (1563).

Keep calm and study the heidelberg catechism

This text comes from the Heidelblog.net publication of the Catechism (accessed 5 March 2023).

Q33. Why is He called God’s \”only begotten Son,\” since we also are the children of God?

A. Because Christ alone is the eternal, natural Son of God;1 but we are children of God by adoption, through grace, for His sake.2

John 1:14,18. 2 Rom 8:15-17Eph 1:5,6. * I John 3:1.

Q34. Why do you call Him \”our Lord\”?

A. Because, not with gold or silver, but with His precious blood, He has redeemed and purchased us, body and soul, from sin and from all the power of the devil, to be His own.1

1 Pet 1:18,191 Pet 2:91 Cor 6:201 Cor 7:23. * Acts 2:36. * Titus 2:14. * Col 1:14.

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