Heartland Film Pre-Screening

The Heartland International Film Festival is planning its 32nd festival, set for October 5-15, 2023.

I for one am looking forward to it. Last year, I bought a fest pass and probably will this year as well. This pass allows me to see any move at any time during the regular fest unless its a special viewing event.

This year is the second year I have acted as a pre-screener for the fest. Last year, I pre-screened for the short film fest, and this year, I am doing so for the feature length fest.

So many good movies have been submitted to the fest and we have seen so many enjoyable works from all around the world. They are legit good.

So, I am very excited about having gone through this pre-screening for the feature fest so I will have even more context for what is chosen and how the groupings of them are put together for the actual schedule. #HIFF #FilmFun 🙂