Visual Code Gets Updates Regularly

As noted in some previous posts, maybe this one about Xcode, and this one about preferred IDEs (PyCharm compared to Visual Studio Code), I have occasionally noted that the update cycle for these working environments is really different from tool to tool.

To be transparent, I have formally accepted Code as my default IDE for Python development. at least during my day job. I have not installed PyCharm on any of my most recent machines, neither of the MacOSs I use, or the Linux server I manage, which I only access via SSH. I do, however, still use Sublime Text, Brackets, and occasionally, Atom, which I still have installed on one of my MacOSs even though it is been formally sunset, according to GitHub, as of December 2022.

I am surprised at the frequency of updates being made available for Code. Many other significant platforms or tools I use do not have as many updates as Code, a fact that, while good for stabilization and adapting to changing environments, does mean continual attention is required.

One of the things I like about Code is that it has a built-in terminal, which means I can code and test in a directory with ease without any disconnect between. I say that even though I still often, on MacOS, open a Terminal and test Python, the fact that the Terminal is easily accessible in the IDE is worthy to give the tool some praise.

I say ‘test Python’ because outside of SQL and MySQL, it is my most commonly used language I actually write in even as I often, at work, have to troubleshoot ColdFusion.

Ironically, when I went through my ColdFusion Professional Certification study, I used Code for the project, including, running CommandBox, and other code edits with Visual Studio Code.

I say all this simply to note that the application updates regularly and I am now using it as my default IDE, which means, of course, that I note every time an update is available and I have to restart it. 🙂