Heidelberg Catechism 5

I am copying and linking to Lord’s Day 5 of the Heidelberg Catechism (1563).

Keep calm and study the heidelberg catechism

This text comes from the Heidelblog.net publication of the Catechism (accessed 5 March 2023).

Q12. Since then by the righteous judgment of God we deserve temporal and eternal punishment, how may we escape this punishment and be again received into favor?

A. God wills that His justice be satisfied;1 therefore we must make full satisfaction to the same, either by ourselves or by another.2

1Exod 20:5Exod 23:7. 2 Rom 8:3,4.

Q13. Can we ourselves make this satisfaction.

A. By no means, on the contrary, we daily increase our guilt.1 1 Job 9:2, 3Job 15:15,16. Matt  6:12. * Matt  16:26.

Q14. Can any mere creature make satisfaction for us?

A. None, for first, God will not punish any other creature for the sin which man committed;1 and further, no mere creature can sustain the burden of God’s eternal wrath against sin2 and redeem others from it.

1Heb 2:14-18. 2Ps 130:3.

Q15. What kind of a mediator and redeemer then must we seek?

A. One who is a true1 and righteous man, 2 and yet more powerful than all creatures, that is, one who is also true God.3

11 Cor 15:21, 22, 25, 26. 2Jer 33:16Isaiah 53:112 Cor 5:21Heb 7:15,16. 3. Isaiah 7:14Heb 7:26.

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