Xcode Updates Slowly

If you do any development at all of applications, scripts, web, or, really, anything, on MacOS, you have surely used Xcode – Developer Tools, by Apple.

image courtesy of developer.apple.com (accessed 3 June 2022)

These developer tools are handy for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is development of apps for Apple devices. I don’t do any app development in that direction, but it definitely one of the key uses for it.

I am guessing it is the size of the files and the updates, but Xcode always updates slowly, notably when updating from the App Store. OS updates do not usually take as long as Xcode takes to install and update. I find that odd.

This post is not important at all, but the time it takes to update is at least worthy to note.

Now that noting is done. Thank you. 🙂