Firefox Color Extension – Fun

I just found out about a cool new plugin for Firefox called Color.

Screenshot captured from Firefox Color on 15 Nov 2021

I have just started using this tool, but it allows for creating a custom color palette. One can pick the color of the active tab, links in bookmarks in the Bookmarks Bar, and all kinds of things.

You can see that I have only 1 new saved theme, as I just found out about this tool about 15 minutes ago. 🙂 But this is fun because it allows for a personal customized configuration of color, contrast, maybe determined by your local system’s theme usage such as Dark Themes or the link. There is also the option of adding more customized elements in the ‘Advanced Colors’ tab as well as adding a custom background that would work with whatever color theme you develop.

I am using a red border around the active tab, light purple of the text in the internet location (so is my search bar text), my bookmarks are linked in the Bookmarks Bar in a kinda dark, Forest Green. I use the standalone search bar option in Firefox as opposed to the integrated choice from the Mozilla built-ins.

How one actually makes use of such options is personal of course, but I think this will be fun. I will be tweaking this for sure, but I wanted to bring your attention to it in case you want to put it into action on your own system. If you do play around with this, I would be happy to see screenshots of your local themes. You can e-mail me here: jessel[at]phantomlandscapes[dot]com. Thank you. I hope to see what folks do.