Moved Cities, Changed Fields.

It has been a busy summer, apologies for not writing more posts. I have been preparing for a new job and for moving as well as getting married. Whew!

Also, I am not working in a library now – but have actually moved over to IT.

My current role is Web and Database Administrator (a future post will provide an overview of some of the standard platforms and tools we use as well as a few of the machine-specific setups I have made for my own workflows on the MAC) for an academic institution.

In addition to changing jobs and fields of profession, I have also changed cities. I am now in Indianapolis, IN.

thank you to ‘Good Free Photos’ for this image (22 Sept 2021)

More posts will follow – as mentioned above. I also want to write more about entering a new field and what it is like to not interact with libraries the same way as I have in the past.

Thank you for reading.


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