LC-SQL Sprint Success

May 14, 2021 was set apart by the Library Carpentry SQL Lesson maintainers as a sprint. This just means that we gave some dedicated time to making edits and changes to the lesson, to rearrange sections, to add new sections, etc, so much of which we accomplished that day.

Captured on 18 May 2021

On GitHub, We closed six or seven older issues, opened a couple necessary new ones, and then have made a series of Pull Requests (PR) (when we officially submit requests for changes to the code) to the repository (repo). I tend to a blend of browser and CLI interactions with GitHub. I fork the repo from the GUI, clone the repo with CLI, do all my edits on my local machine, and then commit all the changes back – after which I do a PR from the GUI. Not complicated, but just seems easiest.

I do that even though I have write access to the original repo, it is just better practice to get comments and things on the PR before merging the request or writing the changes to the original repo.

Captured on 18 May 2021

We closed eight issues in total, some of which were deemed unnecessary, and merged eleven PRs from May 14 until today (only three open issues currently, yay). I am happy that we could make such an impact on these lessons for those who use them in their instruction. We are hearing good things about the lesson maintenance from the instructor community, so kudos to the whole group who could help us on Friday.


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