Book Acquisitions: #SocialJustice and #Christianity

More words or posts on these two books will come in the future I expect. But I wanted to share two complementary books I have recently (ish) acquired.

  1. Social Justice Goes to Church: The New Left in Modern American Evangelicalism / by Jon Harris.

Harris’ book is a fairly succinct and focused history of the ideas that have been adopted by a generation past that gird the current wave of social justice advocacy and argumentation in the American evangelical church, some examination of the neo-Marxist/Materialist worldviews that frame this wave, and details some of the main players and organizations in that generation. The book is only 208 pages and many of those pages are the references behind each chapter. Harris’ book is short and focused on what the title says. It really mostly historically contextualizes our current issues.

2. Why Social Justice is not Biblical Justice: An Urgent Appeal to Fellow Christians in a Time of Social Crisis / by Scott David Allen.

Allen’s book is a complement to Harris’ book in that it is the analysis and examination of the theology and presuppositions mentioned in Harris’ book, mentions some of the same names in the history, and turns its light on the current viewpoints of various folks and their critics. It is also a very focused work and is only 250 pages (only 42 pages longer than Harris’ book). Its structure formally lays out the ideology of social justice, as it reveals itself in culture and in the church, and then explores those ideas as examined according to the Bible – therein revealing what he sees as serious differences.

These ideas are not insignificant, are making an impact on culture, and are causing division in the church. I hope to actually get into these ideas at a later time, but simply, here, want to post that I have these two books and am almost done reading them.