#WordPress Banner Designs for #Phantomlandscapes

Some may talk about a new year, new you…I reject that kind of thinking.

But I am currently going to be riffing along the lines of a new year, new blog aesthetic (rolling on the floor & laughing emoji). To accomplish this, I will be asking for 2 or 3 banner products from designers at places like Fiverr and maybe one other place because I think it time to tighten up this blog and move it out a notch from where it is.

The fundamental design limits being given to the designers will be, at least with this experimental stage, to use a dark-themed look alluding to books and letters, using purple, light purple, black, and grey with a bit of white some place. This is simple, but can evoke a lot of possible responses. I plan to use the ‘best’ one for this blog until I go through another round of design – at which point a logo will also be requested based upon something in that theme I used.

The caveat I will attach to my request to the designers will be that I want to retain all rights to the designs: to use, not use, or manipulate / and will need ask for how much improvement I can expect from a design at $10 up to $50 or $60.

There it is. That is the plan. Watch to see how it goes.


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