Deleted #Twitter today

No big deal, but I deleted my twitter account today. It was time to move on and rethink my social media usage.

Having been on twitter almost 10 years now with that account, I have wanted to rethink my twitter use, as well as have been discouraged to think I could not delete all my old tweets. Twitter does not allow for bulk deletion of tweets from inside the profile (though, I have heard of an external tool that does it). Honestly, it is simply easier to start over with new ideas and a new profile with new followers. I deleted my F___book account about 8 years ago, and have not missed it, so we shall see with Twitter.

I am now on Parler, though. E-mail me if you want that handle.

Keep in mind, however, that this site itself has a twitter account at PhntmLandscapes. It is not used as a personal account, not at all. It is, at this point, solely a widget that tweets when this blog updates with new posts.


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