#Github #Code to the Arctic Vault

This is not anything important really, but I draw attention just because it reveals the flow of specific code-bases and attempts to archive said code (meaning, code deemed meaningful to a wide spectrum of users globally – or something like that).

I have been working on the Library Carpentry SQL curriculum code and language because I was recently on-boarded as a co-maintainer of the SQL curriculum. The co-maintainers had a sprint on Friday, August 14, 2020 – during which we threw a lot of time into closing issues and determining the nature of some of the work ahead of us. We closed almost half of the issues. This work then, as it updated the specific repositories in GitHub, then got included in the code being sent routinely to the GitHub Arctic Vault for archiving.

Again, not a big deal, but I was thus given a ‘badge’ for contributing to code that is being archived in that vault. I ONLY note this because it reveals the flow of code and intentions to keep around for the long term (thus the archive). I think this is pretty interesting to see the process ‘live.’

Thank you for reading