Replicant Ideas

I walked out of Alien: Covenant this morning with a few thoughts about the movie, the main one being that this new move (sequel of a reboot) is really a Blade Runner replicant [redux].

I was all keen on writing a little blog post on this, when I did a search and found, of course, even my ideas are copies. Josh Spiegel, over at The Hollywood Reporter, says basically the same thing. His article explores the way in which hollywood tends toward continual expansion of more sequels and over-explanation – even to the point of ruining the movies they are trying to promote. I believe this trend started down this path with Star Wars when the plot involved analysis of mitochondria in the force etc. Points like this are laughable and in no way make the movies better – or at least that seems to be Spiegel’s point.

Fundamentally I agree. I will not belabor the point. But I will simply quickly conclude by reiterating that our thoughts, though seemingly original, are probably being thought already – which leads me to wonder about creation, creativity and our stubborn reliance on our own uniqueness. Maybe it’s time to move on. I feel that somehow, by moving past our own egos – that we might also be able to create better movies with fewer sequels or reboots – if that era of film-making, we would neither need another Blade Runner nor six Alien films.



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