Well, finally, after years, about.me OR WordPress, dropped support for the about.me widget.

This is too bad because widgets enable a visual way to pursue overlapping platforms where individuals have developed their online persona. I think it helped to minimize clicks.

But in fact, I think the click rate has increased across the web – specifically due to the near total dominance of the mobile market. Though, we may refer to “clicks” as “taps” now.

But, anyway, here is my about.me profile.* #

Thank you for reading.



* Yes, you will need to click the link (sorry).

# Live until I deem it unnecessary.



  1. A lot of this requires specialist knowledge I lack, yet my access to understanding the content is undiminished. Why? Because your precise and readable use of common language affords me entry. You write so well and I am proud of your literacy as a libraryist as well as of your humanity as a good man. Thanks for sharing. Love, Dad

  2. 💕❤️💕💞💖💗❣💜💙💚💛💞💓💖💗❤️

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