Tighten Up METRO

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) has so much potential and so many users daily. The system is fantastic, has an active Twitter profile and really does send out alerts for events such as slow train traffic or construction re-routes. But it needs one major improvement – that of train operators who speak clearly so that travelers (local and tourists) can hear the next train stop. There is a growing number of complaints in “my book” from train users who don’t hear the next stop called out. This is either due to inconsistent PA systems from car-to-car (which is possible though not probable) or, more likely, train operators are not trained or do not care to speak clearly and deliberately to enunciate each stop as it happens or is about to happen. This is just a matter of a little more training and a second more patience with words the train operators are theoretically saying anyway. We just need these words to be spoken with the rider in mind.

Thank you.


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